New Assetfront!

You now get a new and easier Assetfront for registering, overview and transfer items for sale on Retrade.

In the transition phase, you will have access to all history and information in old Assetfront, while registrations of new sales-items will be made in the new Assetfront.

The transition phase will be from 16. Nov. 2018 to 21. Nov. 2018

Starting 21. Nov. 2018 you can start transferring all registered sales items in new Assetfront for sale on Retrade.  

Select which version you want to use: 

AssetFront V1 (old)

View history and previously registered items here.

AssetFront V2 (new)

Register new sales items here.

When you log in for the first time, use your username from the old Assetfront both as username and password. You will then be asked to set a new password that applies to future logins.